Another Is Now Another, Prabowo: Let's All Unite And Don't Look Back

Prabowo Subianto. Presidential Candidate with serial number 2, Prabowo Subianto said, the Adil Makmur Coalition is a rather strange coalition. Because the son of the First President of the Republic of Indonesia Soekarno and the Second Indonesian President Suharto were in his coalition.

As for Soekarno's child in question, Rachmawati Soekarnoputri. Whereas the Suharto child he meant was Siti Hediati Hariyadi aka Titiek Soeharto.

"The prosperous fair coalition is a rather strange coalition. "Here is Bung Karno's son, Mba Rachma, there is also Pak Harto's son," Prabowo said during the debriefing of Prabowo-Sandi volunteers at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (11/22/2018).

When Prabowo called Suharto's son, his volunteers, especially the mother's mother or mother, were immediately boisterous. Because, Titiek Soeharto was Prabowo's ex-wife.

"So Pak Harto was once considered at odds with Bung Karno, imagine Pak Harto was opposite the Bung Karno, Pak Harto's son now together with his son Karno," said the general chairman of the Gerindra Party.

Then, Prabowo said that there was the Chairman of the Honorary Board of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Amien Rais in the Indonesian Coalition for Adil Makmur. He continued, Amien Rais had once contradicted Suharto.

"Now Mr. Amien Rais is sitting one row with his son Pak Harto," said the former Kopassus Danjen.

In addition, there is the President of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) M Sohibul Iman in the Prabowo-Sandi Coalition. "Pak Sohibul Iman used demonstrations to be pursued by the army, now he is carrying ex-soldiers, I was assigned to pursue Mr. Sohibul Iman, with Pak Amien Rais, so Amien Rais Nuwun Sewu, this is also a lot of HMI figures, I "They used to chase them too, now they support me," he added.

Prabowo argued, it was time for all to unite and forget the divisions that had occurred in the past. Indonesian people must unite to improve the nation in the future.

"Because we realize that now is the time not to look back, do not see division, let's look for unity, let's unite and let's save the future of our nation and our children," concluded Prabowo.

Prabowo also asked all parties to be optimistic to look forward. He also requested that the era of the split be forgotten and the Indonesian people must unite.


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